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tv   Today  NBC  August 5, 2014 2:07am-3:01am EDT

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from nbc news, this is today with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1 a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. yes, it's the beginning of a big week. the biggest ever. >> how big? >> the biggest ever. >> why. >> it's august fourth. in case you're counting the days. it's hoda's 50th birthday week; i want to apologize if you're
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over it already because it's only monday but it is going to be my 50th week. we're going to do something fun everyday. >> every single day hopefully we will learn a little something too. 50 is the new 30. >> is it? >> yeah. >> well, you know what it can be empowering. it is one of those things that i do remember when i was younger thinking of someone who was 50 and remember you looked at them and you were like oh, they are 50. and now when you are -- >> back then they sort of looked different. >> we have a lot of things available to us today that we didn't before. >> when you think about a sant ra, sandra bullock. >> whose in her prime. >> you've ever looked so good either. >> embrace it. >> you had a little prebirthday party. >> i did. i went with my girls to puerto rico. >> i asked you to come.
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it was a little prehappy birthday. we went there. we went to a little place in puerto rico. we wrote in the sand happy birthday because remember the tropical storm was coming. however we snuck out just before it. we had a magnificent time and my favorite thing is going to come up later in the show but it was a guy there named renae who i will show you his picture later who preached a gaw prepared som lots of lime. >> and you said the tortillas are hot. >> he's my favorite thing. his name is renae. he has a restaurant called af r avocado. >> why are you taking a picture like that. >> because everybody will love it. >> i am now officially very, very, very big. >> i have my own bobble head from depends because even though you're turning
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granny panties apparently they think i have now -- they are called under awareness. they are trying to reduce the stigma of products related with inkcontinence incontinence. i would say enjoy 50. >> people are talking about the animal segment. >> well, you know never what's going to happen. regis did come in and i was so happy to see him. jenna did the show on thursday with me. regis came on friday. knowing that anything can happen during an animal segment anyway but when you introduce writregi into the mix. you're going to see. >> bird flying. are you serious? that's not funny. you'll never see me here again. believe me.
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never. let's here it for the bird. >> you better have something to give -- >> they are wonderful. >> he's pooping on my head, i'm k convinced of it. >> hey everybody look at kathy lee. hi, hey. look over here you'll never see this again. what's wrong with you people. everybody is completely ignored. it's in a days work. it just went on and on. >> wait a second -- >> it was unbelievable. >> was it nesting. what was happening up there. >> it was doing something weird and i kind of liked it. after a while i bonded with the bird. i don't know. it was funny. thanks regis. he came over. i couldn't get rid of him. he came over saturday night. it was cassidy's birthday. there's elaine batista and
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stanley moore. i think that's frank. it was her 21st birthday. happy birthday to cass. >> i am so happy. i woke up this morning and guess what was in my entrance way, my son's disgusting shoes which means everybody is home. now leading from that bird to another bird. >> this is interesting. if you guys ever seen the traffic cams that are up above or the sky cams and sometimes you see an insect crawling across it or a bird flying by it and you go oh, look at that. well, this is crazy. there was one of these hijacked traffic cams by a tucan who saw his own reflection and liked it. i can't believe it's just a tucan flying around. >> where are they. >> well this is in brazil. they are everywhere. come on. >> we have a couple of nice guests.
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>> friends of kathy ryan. your assistant. hope you enjoy the show. >> even though it's a big week for you. it's kind of sad. forbes has just come out with their big list of highest paid and you're in the on it again. we will are to redo your deal sweet heart. these are actresses though. some of them are surprising. the third highest paid jennifer aniston at $31 million because of the reruns of friends and vitamin water. very lucrative deals like that. jennifer laurence that big year. $34 million and birthday girl, $51 million for sandra bullock because of the movie gravity. she was going to make between 70 and $90 million depending on how it does. good to get back end. not good to have one but it's good to get one. >> excuse me. >> also in the top six angelina
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jolie and cameron diaz. also they say playing hard on a first debt good for men but not women. men don't enjoy women who do. i disagree with the whole thing. i always disagree with these things. >> i think everybody likes a little mystery. you don't want someone who says quickly yes to everything. want to have to work a little bit. >> we want the guy to be nice too. >> i think they are missing the point on that. i think the point to be hard to get to get the first date. that's how mrs. george clooney she said no to george clooney three times. that had never happened to him in his whole life so now he's intrigued. so next time he finally says yes you know he's sitting there going tell me about you. you know what you're right.
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>> yes, yes, yes. >> women who are suspicious of men who are too attentive. i agree with that. i'm talking about not attentive but like weird. >> soccerish. >> unfortunately you don't know who you are. okay. anyway, yeah, i don't know. i don't think coy uld go on onef those dating things at all. when i see the commercials and i guy goes i got my first flirt in ten minutes, yeah. but there is something -- it's creepy. you don't know who these people are. >> you mow whknow when you meet someone, sometimes you instantly click. >> you had chemistry with boots the first time you met him. it was at an event you did not want to go to. nameless set it up. that's well over a year later and good for you for keeping it a secret. >> i know, right. is it still a secret.
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not anymore. >> yes, it is granny panties. so these are all the things about 50. reading glasses. >> yes you already needed those but not as strong. >> this is really the first year that i've been using them. are those really in there? >> on second thought. i didn't think that through. >> i saw this on the news the other day. i thought this is interesting. a restaurant is giving a 15% discount to some diners who they see praying before they have their meal. we always do as a family. when you and i hoda we do it when we go out. it's called mary's gourmet diner. on facebook he could get a 15% discount. it could be a moment to show silence or gratitude it could be
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a prayer. they say it's for any prayer or meditation. just to show that you're grateful for the food given. often the first thing you say when the food is put down is i thought i ordered cheese. >> we often don't say thank you to the person who delivered it much yet the person who made it possible. >> we'd love to know. i bet there are facebook people who will come back saying 90% say they like it. they are not telling you how to pray but they think if more people had an attitude of gratitude in our nation anyway instead of the wining and the moaning that we get -- >> you're right, i'm not talking about hard core -- >> careful. >> you know, yeah. >> you're right. >> okay. so what does bee yawns beyonce y about that infamous elevator incident. >> this is kind of a cool movie. they are going to answer the question.
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here it is. can a guy and a girl just be friends. we will ask them. this is adorable. we will talk to them in just a moment
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>> all right daniel radcilff just celebrated his 25th birthday. he's probably one of the most recognized actors in the world. >> you may know actress zoey. one of our most favorite films it's complicated. they are teaming up in a very romantic comedy what if. daniel plays wallace who finds himself falling for her
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character but when she meets her boyfriend things don't work out as expected. take a look. >> did you use contacts? >> in the bathroom. >> over there. oh, my god. are you okay. >> sorry. >> everybody is okay. >> hello. congratulations on this charming movie. it's whimsical. your character becomes the animation thing and you're an animator in it, right. >> yes, i am. i have to say it looks like you killed my boyfriend. >> if someone goes see the movie you will know that that happens.
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but it is really funny but you'll laugh again it will be great. it's actually funny the second time around. >> you know what's great. this is the age old question can a man and a woman just be very, very good friends? >> is that what you're kind of exploring in this. >> yeah. absolutely. my character is somebody whose living totally in denial of his feelings. he meets her at the beginning of the movie and falls completely in love with her immediately but he has a broken heart. it's easier to be sort of cyn cynical but love than vulnerable. so he meets zoey, falls in love. she has a boyfriend. i kind of deny my feelings of love and say, well, i will just try and be her friend and we'll see how that goes. >> how does that work out for you. >> go see the move eemovie. i cannot tell you. >> i can see how you are both very drawn to this movie. you're known for your blockbuster. >> your grandfather -- why do
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you take a little movie like this that you hope people are going to see? >> you know, i just -- i think honestly where the most interesting scripts are often being produced by independent movies. this was the best script, the funniest and it's not an hour and half of people throwing around jokes. it has emotional power in the same way that great romantic comedies where harry met sally do. >> your character, you have the best timing in this. when you deliver a line. tell us about what gets into your head when you're playing your character. >> i don't know. i think we had a really fun time together. i think when you're acting when you're thinking about yourself that's a bad time. concentrating on dan and he made me laugh everyday. >> were you guys friends beforehand. >> we had met once i guess three years before we did the movie
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and sort of based on that meeting could probably have known that it would not be incredibly unpleasant to make a movie with each other. >> the sexual tension -- >> actually everyday i would go in -- >> it hits theaters this friday. >> that was the greatest moment i've ever had in any interview i've ever done in 15 years. i've been on this specific show 20 times. my favorite thing to ever happen. >> let's rerun that. all right. you're both adorable. what can i say. >> i'm being used to doing interviews with my whole career where i can't say anything because it will be terrible and that just happened. >> it's your birthday and we made you a gift. just to further this. so yeah. it's turned around.
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>> zoey has got some kind of theme. >> i filled it with flowers and smockers because what else does a girl want, right? >> oh, my gosh. hoda. >> i've learned a lot about zoey today. all right kids. thank you so much. charming movie. it opens in theaters this friday. all right well what if your a big winner today. what is surprising about our fan of the week. but probably not. and while you were out taking care of business, there was some busy stuff going on in hollywood. we got all the scoop in today's buzz. rob schutto is back. >> we need oxygen for daniel. energy! energy, energy, energy. it's inside of all of us. even gary here. [applause] berocca has guarana and caffeine to support mental sharpness. oh yeah! early morning meeting? no problem. [applause] plus, berocca has b-vitamins to support physical energy. some assembly required?
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it is monday. that means it's time to surprise our fan of the week. drum roll, please. we pay extra for that. we spin the globe to see where it lands. today we're headed to davenport, iowa. she's with us on skype. she's got somebody special with her. molly who is that with you. >> my sister maggie. >> how, you guys. how are you? >> you can speak. it's helpful on live tv. >> listen before we give you a trivia question. molly has the fourth hour of sister time. she loves the show because it's something that she and maggie can bond over and share together. >> they watch together everyday for the past four years. molly and maggie can also pretty crafty. they found some fun and creative ways to express their fandom including a special kathie lee and hoda cookie.
2:30 am
i love it. >> guess where you're going. holly is leaving home to start your freshman year of college but the fourth hour will continue to be their sister time by skype. >> where are you going sweetie. do you want to say or no. >> where are you going to go to school. >> i'm going to the university of iowa oh, great. we want to help you prep for those college exams. >> you got 15 seconds to get the answer correctly. you only need one to get the grand prize. everyday monday during the talk we each share with our viewers something that we love. what is this portion of the talk called. >> it's my favorite thing. >> you're going -- where is she going. >> you got the grand prize. it's a trip. you're headed to california to stay at santa barbara's only forbes travel guide five star resort for three days, two nights you'll stay in an overview bungalow.
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>> santa barbara is my favorite place. you can explore the place on electric bikes or lounge by t d furnished by jetblue airlines. >> are you taking maggie? what? >> maybe. >> we'll be back. bye-bye. a lot going on.
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>> we're back on this fun day monday. time for today's buzz where we get you caught up on all the hot, hot hollywood headline u.s. missed over the weekend. >> here with all the juicy celeb celebrity gossip is rob. >> i like to smile. i like to smile a lot. >> tell us about beyonce and nicky minaj.
2:34 am
they put out remakes of the songs and changed the leeyrics that got you talking. oh, catchy little number. so this is the first time. the first time she has spoken about the elevator incident. let me refresh your memory. she attacked jay-z in the elevat elevator. what's your take? >> well, i think there's all of these rumors swirling that they are getting divorced. that after the tour they are
2:35 am
breaking up. i think they are doing fine. i know a couple of dancers on the tour who say they are doing pretty well. they seem pretty affectionate together. they out on stage looking great. hugging and talking. this is her way of responding. she doesn't put out a statement. she doesn't deny it. she tries to be the statement. she certainly is getting the attention now. if they really were in trouble she probably wouldn't be singing about it. >> i could not imagine sitting there and watching my sister beat up on my husband and not jump in if something was amess. >> unless there was a good reason violence is all wrong hoda. >> always wrong hoda. 50 years on this planet and you've not learned that. >> let's move on. alisha keys. this is a lovely story. >> she's having her second baby. has a little son egypt. the way she announced this was fascinating. she didn't sell it to a magazine or a website.
2:36 am
her husband tweeted it. put it out on instagram. a beautiful picture of aleasha looki looki looking pregnant and glowing and talks about how blessed he is to be with the love of his life and to have a baby. >> that's a great, great time in their lives. that's awesome. >> yes, she's a lovely girl. >> christina ingagulara went al the way. >> you can't see she's subtle. she's done it before so she's pregnant. she bears all on the cover of this magazine. there she is. there she is. we covered her up there. she's absolutely naked. >> let's get receive savannah t. she did it before in 2007 on the cover. of course we all remembered demi
2:37 am
moore. i think demi did it better than anybody. >> what about the hottest couple on the planet? >> well this couple got together. they went to the hollywood bowl to see a one night only production of hair. i loved this. they are doing these musicals. one night with a lot of celebrities. can you imagine it. there they are. jesse ferguson tweeted that picture. there they are holding hands. they are looking so happy sources are saying these two are the real deal and a night of musical theater kathie lee. >> and i love the hollywood bowl. >> speaking of musical theater. they did that show musical. >> how about it. >> it's coming soon. >> are you in it? >> we're all in it. >> we're all in it. >> you didn't hire actors to play -- >> no, no we're playing
2:38 am
ourselves. it's our team. it's our crew. >> how is your singing hoda. i checked the talent pool and it's awful but we do have a big surprise that we discovered in the talent pool. regis is the guest star on it. it's very funny. matt likes eminem matt is a terrific actor. >> all right. okay. then. nice talking to you rob. all righty. a woman brought a one way ticket to italy. got a second chance at life over 50. >> how you can too. this is a fantastic story after these messages. is coming up... have agreed to... kid for a night. so we can finally get some sleep. the hotel has to be right. you can get a 4-star hotel for up to 60% off, even at the last minute. in the neighborhood where we wanna go? yes. you just won't the name until after you book.
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in honor of hoda's big birthday we're kicking off our week long series this is 50. >> 50 people over 50 who have -- 50, 50-year-olds who have reinvented themselves. >> when she was 56 lisa took a trip to italy with her daughter and had one of those moment that's would change her life forever. >> it wasn't until i was 56 years old that i found pure joy. it was at the end of a two week dream vacation with my daughter to italy. i was waiting for a taxi when i entered a coffee shop and in a deep breath this one moment everything changed. i had felt something in italy i hadn't felt in a long time.
2:43 am
joy. i looked at my daughter and said, i'm coming back here to live. there was nothing logical about my decision to leave my life in salt lake city behind but after being divorced from my husband of 23 years, raising our now two grown children and leaving a successful career in the fitness industry, it was time for me to live. within three months of returning to utah, i filled my home, 90% of my possessions and put my personal items in storage. there were people who really cheered me on and supported my decision to pick up and move with my kid's blessing i bought a one way ticket to italy. i landed in florence not knowing a single person or a single word of italian but i began to explore this magical city and found myself feeling more at home and more alive than i had felt in years. i blogged about my experience and quickly heard from other women across the united states who wanted to travel and find their courage and see tuscany as
2:44 am
i had. that's when i had an idea. my friend and i launched a new company offering both luxury tours for women called a better way to italy. we designed a personalized tour of my favorite spots of tuscany, including seminars on intuition and courage and finding your passion. our first trip last spring exceeded my wildest expectations and taught me while every chapter in our lives comes with challenges and curve balls, every woman can find a way to be joyful. i have now been in tuscany for two years and i know i have found my calling. >> i love her. >> i bet me is speaks great italian too. >> if you're inspired to change your life we got help from cnbc consumer reporter kelly. >> how awesome is lisa by the way. >> that's what we all think but before you do decide to embark on something like this you really have to think about it. >> think it through.
2:45 am
>> in a practical way. >> certainly there are a lot of practical financial issues that you want to think about but this is not as far out of reach as you might think particularly if you're retired or you weren't necessarily looking to work abroad you're really looking at your cost of living there versus here. >> if you have the means. >> your financial buzzer usually recommends you have three to six months of living expenses saved up as sort of an emergency fund. you might want to have in that 6 to 12 months. >> i would think a year wouldn't you. >> insurance is different over there. isn't that. isn't that a huge skpocomponent >> for a lot of countries they do have universal health care. >> if you're paying taxes there then a lot of times you're buying into their local health care. you might just want a supplemental policy. there are ate l lot of servicest specialist for ex-patriots. >> it is not tougher than you think. >> she did not give up her
2:46 am
citiz citizenship. >> trying to find out the cost of living in certain countries you got to explore that. you may look great but when you realize everything costs. >> there are some good resources there. there's a great site called numbio to crowd source the prices there. you can see. there's the that will help you currency conversi conversion. the dollar is doing pretty well compared to other currencies where you might have a little more buying power actually. so you can use your social security money over there if you wanted. you can get your checks delivered there. >> well, ideally you want to keep a bank account here because when you're dealing with international mail and you got the hold that the bank puts on a foreign check. >> you want to be able to access the account electronically from here. >> you most cases you can still get your social security abroad. you want to check before you leave. it's better to have it direct deposits here. >> i like how you is heed itis t
2:47 am
far out of reach. >> for more inspiring stories for our 50 over 50 list. head to klg and >> we're taking our own trip down memory lane. back to 1964 as we count down to hoda's big day. right after this.
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>> as we celebrate hoda sitting -- i did not write this. the half century mark but it is accurate we thought it would be fun to flashback to all the great things that came out of the year she was born. 19 1964, what a year. 50. 50? hoda is turning 50. no way. >> get out, hoda is 50? >> almost. she's almost 50. >> a decade half a century.
2:52 am
i have got owe let that move around in my mouth so i can get used to saying it. how old are you, 50. >> oh, god. >> 1964 was an epic year. >> the beetles invaded the united states. >> they went on the ed sullivan show and changed the world forever. >> the beatles hard day night, wow. >> that was 1964. >> now, you've got a hard days morning everyday sitting next to kathie lee. >> hoda. gentleman one of the greatest records came out. this is the birth of the rolling stones. you're in good company hoda with the stones. >> there were three great musicals that premiered, funny girl, fiddler on the roof.
2:53 am
>> mary popinns hits the theater. >> james bond's gold finger. >> now we're talking. now we're talking. what else. >> of course there was my fair lady but who is the fairest lady of them all, hoda kotb. she's never been better than at 50. 64 was like a big year for telephone. >> the adam's family. >> those were classics forever. >> hoda, did you know that rudolph animation debuted the very year you were born. i would not do this for anyone other than hoda. >> happy birthday.
2:54 am
>> the first ford mustang rolled aft off the asenly line in 1964 a couple of months before you did, hoda. like you it's sleek, it's beautiful and it's curved like a kitten. >> you know what else turns 50 and is hot, the pop tart. >> you can eat them in the park, eat them in the dark, eat them in a roller coaster. 1964, the same year hoda was born, she popped out and so did the pop tart. >> oh, my god. that's one of my food groups. so hoda embraced this 50 is a wonderful phase in your life. you've been through an awful lot in your life and now it's time to sit and enjoy. >> i think what hoda has already learned because of beating cancer is how precious life is so she's already learned the secret to living in the moment. living now. >> i think it's kind of a badge
2:55 am
of honor. when you're someone like hoda, it's like 50, bring it on. >> she's just really skill gtil getting warmed up. she's still ramping up. >> people will tell you this. i can testify that the whole thing about turning 50 it's all in your head. there's the proof like there. see the grays. it's all in your head. >> you're an amazingly strong, brave and beautiful women. happy birthday. >> i don't even have to wish you a happy birthday because you're happy already. stay beautiful. stay happy. stay joyful. stay funny as can be and stay my friend. i love you. >> when you think about 50, there was a time where i would have said oh, my god never, never, never. now knowing what i've been through and knowing what life can be like, i'm thrilled that i get to be here. i hope that i have a long run way that goes way beyond these
2:56 am
years. >> everybody loves you. what a great thing. that was so beautiful. thanks kathie for your kind words. >> love you to pieces. >> even regis loves his kota. we'll be back in a moment. first this is today on nbc.
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2:59 am
>> it's going to be big tomorrow. kenny loginn and the blew sky rider are here. kathie lee and i are singing back up. >> plus a little chorography.
3:00 am
an amazing story. >> we will answer your burning relationship questions. our guys tell all. >> we insist that you have an awesome fun day monday but save a little energy because tomorrow we need you desperately for i'. and u will get through this together. ♪


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